Four students have been work together for this application, which is part of their Bachelor's of Science 3D Real Time Computer Graphics, in ESCIN (Laval, France) :
- Guillaume Malherbe [Contact]
- Julien Noé [Contact]
- Jean-Baptiste Bledowski [Contact]
- Marine Mauduit [Contact].

The work began in October 2011 and was achieved in March 2012, the students will present the project at the Laval Virtual, which will take place from 28 March to 1 April 2012.

Steps were as follows :
- Historical research, with the help of the students in Bachelors's of History from UCO Laval,
- Shots on the site of "Pointe du Hoc",
- 3D models of the different elements (Boats, airplanes, zeppelins, relief of "Pointe du Hoc", ...),
- Implementation of the elements in Unity,
- Export to Android,
- Application tests on Android.

Research and modeling were carried out together. Then the work was divided between the four students according to each skills (programming, graphics, illustrations & storyboards, ...).